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  1. Does anybody have any light they can shed on probiotics, prebiotics, fiber supplements, digestive enzymes, etc?

    Bulking and want to increase my nutrient absorption and reduce bloating and gas. Thanks in advance to all who help!
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    Probiotics make a profound difference for me. The way the strains interact with one another plays just as large a roll as the dose, some strains have synergies and others will compete with each other and kill one another.

    Prebiotics are essentially fibers that probiotic bacteria can eat, so they are also worthwhile.

    Also look into EvoMuse Gut Health, a favorite w bodybuilders and a favorite of mine. It has prebiotics in there as well, ultimate all in one digestive and immune support formula.

    Enzymes dont seem to offer benefit unless you are taking the specific enzyme to break down a food you are allergic to or have a hard time digesting.
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    Great info, one can never pay too much attention to internal health, and a healthy digestive tract is paramount to your training and physique.
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    I had terrible heart burn for a year (AAS related) and was able to cure it with a combo of protease, lipase, amylase, and botanical extracts.

    Literally went from 4 Zantac a day to nothing :)
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