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Discussion in 'Supplements' started by SwolenONE, May 14, 2015.

  1. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    I've been keeping my supplementation fairly basic, only going with supplements with strong white paper (clinical research) rather than worrying about brand names, celeb endorsements, fancy packaging, etc.

    As of now, the only ergogenic aids I'm using and have thoroughly enjoyed are:

    Creatine monohydrate - time tested, scientifically backed, great for explosive strength, slight gains in size, fullness and increase in pump

    Arachidonic Acid - multiple double blind placebo controlled university trials on trained athletes confirm it overwhelmingly safe and effective for strength and size.

    Betaine - 2.5g a day for strength and size increases, inexpensive and the newest addition to my arsenal

    Beta Alanine 3g/day -cheap, fairly effective for increasing endurance

    HMB - this one shines for me, 4g a day does me wonders for improving strength, and increasing recovery. I can train w more frequency when on HMB and feel less fatigued in the days following a grueling session.

    And of course Whey Protein... anything that I'm missing?
  2. TRTbro

    TRTbro New Member

    Really solid list there, I swear by every single one of those ingredients. Of course there is also caffeine, the most cost effective and rapid ergogen of them all!
  3. Rene Custals MD

    Rene Custals MD New Member

    Caffeine!!! The best preworkout for me.
  4. FLEX

    FLEX New Member

    PeptoPro, amazing for recovery. Swore by it when I followed Dante's DC protocol.
  5. Like the thread. This is one thing I have planned for the Supplement Library. Review everything that actually does work and have human data to support it. There are a handful of very effective OTC products.

    I remember being a kid, with really nothing of substance on the supplement market to speak of... just junk. Now we have products with real science behind them. Admittedly, mixed in with a lot of junk still... but there if you can find them.
  6. Yeah, definitely still a lot of junk out there but the supplement industry has come a long way with new scientifically supported ingredients. Really excited to see the Supplement Library when its ready!
  7. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    Since nobody has mentioned it, Pantethine. Great health supplement. Has liver detox effects as well as being effective (for a non-prescription supplement) at lowering cholesterol and supporting a better lipid profile.
  8. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    Ive also heard some people claim super high doses clear up acne. I may have to get some and see if reasonable doses have any effect on mine.
  9. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    Interesting... clears up acne you say? I would be a terrible candidate to test that out, don't really get break outs, lulz.

    GEORGE TOULIATOS Active Member

    I have heard from track athletes,that sodium bicarbonate (as baking soda) is an excellent lactate buffer,that acts against lactic acidosis during anaerobic explosive exercise.It tastes awfully,like chalk,but it is definitely worth trying it.400m runners found it realy useful for their anaerobic threshold.During lactic acidosis,blood Ph drops (<7.4) and metabolic acidosis occurs.As a result,the lungs hyperventilate in order to elliminate CO2 and compenstate.This is part of the so called acidic-base ballance.
  11. Mixelflick

    Mixelflick New Member

    Phosphatidic Acid is another. Fearn lecithin granuals provide 1200mg/day of PA, along with other goodies. This, vs 750mg/day being the clinically effective dose.

    Inexpensive too!

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