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    Hello! i have a question about pct and i hope your experience can solve it.

    Can we use HCG with Nolvadex together?
    lets say we finish the cycle and we have to start pct the next day, can we shot HCG and take nolvadex the same day or we have to finish HCG shots which probably 2weeks and after theses 2 weeks we start Nolvadex?

    Thanks in advance!

    GEORGE TOULIATOS Active Member

    In case you use beta human chorionic gonadotropin in first place,it is possible that estrogens would raise,via endogenous Testosterone production.Both SERMs (tamoxifen&clomiphene),work by lowering E2.GnRH will be stimulated from hypothalamus and LH as a result.On the contrary,hCG is an LHRH analogue.It inhibits GnRH,since it is gonadotropin.Therefore,I do believe that the best sequence is hCG firstly and SERMs afterwords.

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