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    Changing sources certainly made a slight difference, but I was much more surprised when I decided to change the quantity. A close friend who is a successful national level NPC competitor gave me some interesting advice; he told me that aside from contest prep, he places much more of an emphasis on carbohydrates and total calories than he does protein. Almost instantly upon changing my macro split to drop protein in place of an increased emphasis on fruits and starches throughout the day and intra workout carbohydrates, I began having more energy and appearing tighter, getting better pumps and actually appearing leaner.

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    Good read, people definitely put too much stock into what the cookie cutter diets in magazines say, and follow too closely to the more is always better mentality w protein.

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    During off season-bulking period,carbohydrates should be as much as 4gr/kg of bw and double of the daily protein consumption.This parcticaly means that a 100kg (220lbs) bodybuilder,should consume as much as 400gr of carbohydrates,both in simple (sugars) and complex (starchy) forms,while his protein intake shall be up to 200gr.During mass gaining schedules,carbs are way more essential for various of different reasons.Firstly,because carbs promote the release of insulin from the pancreatic gland,a hormone that is highly anabolic.Insulin is responsible for then influx of all macronutrients into the sarcoplasm (aminos,sugars,fatty acids,vitamines,creatine).Moreover,insulin promotes the release of somatomedin C from the hepatic parenchyme,the so called Insulin Growth Factor 1.This peptide is also highly anabolic in muscle tissue and in cartilage too.Secondly,carbohydrates are also important since they have the so called muscle sparing effect.In case we do not have plenty of glycogen storage,amino acids will be released as an energy source (gluconeogenesis from liver) and catabolism of muscle tissue will take place.Thirdly,carbohydrates also are the main substrate for anaerobic oxidation of glucose (ATP-CP as energy coins).Muscle contraction is improved and muscle pumps are great too.
    Complex carbohydrates of moderate glycemic index are those that have a sustained release of energy into the blood stream.These include brown rice,potato,whole grain bread,oats.It is important to mention that certain parameters lower the glycemic index and moderate the insulin spike post meal.These are: 1) fiber,2) type of cooking,3) maturity of food,4) presence of animal protein,5) presence of UFA's.For instance,a boiled potato will have a lower GI rather than a baked potato.Mind that a sweet potato has lower GI that the regular potato.Peeled potato has plenty of fiber,thus the GI is further controled.Moreover,a green banana will have lower GI compared to a yellow-brownish one.Finaly the animal protein and the good fats (ΜUFA & PUFA) have the ability to lower the insulin response.
    Simple carbs are useful post workout for the anabolic window that exists withing one 30' after the workout.Maltodextrine is the perfect polysacharide in order all the macronutrients to be utilised fastly.However,most people do not know that the presence of insulin after the training,is responsible for the cortisol's crush and the protection against muscle catabolism.Cortisol is a steroid hormone released from the adrenal glands,after one hour of intense training.This is someting important,since cortisol is a major anti-inflamatory hormone that protects joints.Insulin release as a result of a high GI carbohydrate,will ensure that cortisol will go down.
    During pre contest preparation of a cutting session,carbohydrates should get lower that the daily protein consumption.For a 100kg bodybuilder,they shall stay <200gr per day.Protein consumption should be as much as 300gr on a daily basis.Carbohydrates during that time have to be complex of moderate GI and fibrous from vegetables.Fruits are excluded,since they are rich in fructose and insulin spike will affect the fat burning process.Glucagon is high during cutting session,a fat burning hormone,while insulin should be low,as a lipogenic hormone.Mind that somatotropin-Human Growth Hormone,a fat burning peptide,requires fasting in order to be released and mainly the absence of carbohydrates.
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