Legit HGH and IGF1

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  1. With reports of both being faked as much as ever (and of IGF-1 being almost mythical in how hard it is to come by), what are my best bets for reproducing similar results.

    GHRP and CJC to replicate HGH and igf1 lr3 as the best igf1 option currently?
  2. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    I barely trust anabolics to be legit, let alone peptides (especially the more exotic ones).
  3. kiterunner

    kiterunner New Member

    Gotta say that the GHRP 2 plus cJc-129-no dac (which is actually mod grf) is probably your best bet. Easy to tell if it's effectice because of the ghrelin memetic properties (I.e. Hunger will predictably spike).
  4. FLEX

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    The increase in hunger definitely adds to its anabolic effect, similar to EQ... appetite enhancement is a must when bulking!

    GEORGE TOULIATOS Active Member

    Only pharmaceutical somatotropin brands are 100% reliable.Saisen,Norditropin,Humatrope,Genotropin and Serostim are the best HGH worldwide.
    You may ensure the credibility of the particular peptide,by measuring the serum levels of Somatomedin C,or Insulin Growth Factor 1.
    When we administrate exogenously GH,the liver produces more of IGF1.

    GEORGE TOULIATOS Active Member

    Pure pharmaceutical grade hGH from Denmark.Stay away from underground & counterfeit somatropins.The majority of them contain other peptides,such as hCG.In order to evaluate the quality of a growth hormone,we should count serum somatomedin C and glucose,soon after the exogenous application.IGF1 production from hepatic parenchyma increases,while hyperglycemia is the effect of growth hormone,through gluconeogenesis and inhibition of glucagon synthase enzyme.

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