Ostarine still king?

Discussion in 'SARMs' started by SwolenONE, May 14, 2015.

  1. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    With S4 having weird side effects such as possible night vision loss, and with it being mildly suppressive (I'd like to run SARMS while off cycle to maintain gains and build upon them), is Ostarine the best bet?

    I know there have been a few new ones to hit the market since Ostarine, but I havent heard much about them.
  2. TRTbro

    TRTbro New Member

    Ostarine is definitely the way to go, at this time. And there are more and more companies selling it, making it affordable and accessible.
  3. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    I've never seen anything in terms of gains with ostarine. @24 mg a day, it basically tanked my libido by the end of week 3. Will eventually try using it @ 30 mg ED.

    Ligandrol is what I'm going to try next.

    Not a SARM but some companies are selling it as a SARM, MK-677 is worth a look. I've been using it, sleep is amazing, have noticed decent recovery as well with it (started it to hopefully get IgF-1 levels up during PCT). It's a ghrelin mimetic.
  4. FLEX

    FLEX New Member

    Never heard of ligandrol...

    Thats rough Osta effected you like that, I used it and saw fairly remarkable gains.
  5. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    Suppression is suppression, at least you know it's doing something :p

    SARMs are essentially the equivalent of steroids but with high tissue selectivity.

    Ostarine has a potency that is roughly 1:1 with test. Ligandrol is supposedly ~4x the potency of ostarine. Needless to say that a regular PCT protocol is a good idea after a cycle of ligandrol. Suppression is evident and dose/length dependent.
  6. I'll be keeping my eye out for ligandrol feedback.
  7. Booneman77

    Booneman77 New Member

    This was my experience with osta as well. Suppression sides with minimal to no benefit. Very disappointed. There's a few lgd logs starting up so I'll be watching as well.
  8. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    I had decent results w an Osta product, but sadly you never know wtf is actually in half of your supplements... mine could have been very legit, or spiked w a more potent mass builder.

    Ive heard feedback truly all over the place when it comes to SARMs, leading me to believe there must be a lot of counterfeits.
  9. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    I mean, if you go by the actual data on ostarine, the potency is roughly 1:1 with testosterone, thus it's expected to not really be all that useful for mass gains. You could high dose the stuff but now your also likely to exponentially increase possible unwanted side effects along with it, possibly even tossing the tissue selectivity out the window with it.
  10. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    Forgot about this thread :p

    So just to update, LGD >>>>>>> Ostarine. Not impressively strong compared to the many designers we've had through the years but you will be able to make some gains off LGD.

    I have two bottles of YK-11. Holding off on using it because I literally have not seen any feedback on it from actual human beings. LoL. Not even rat data exists for YK-11.
  11. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    Ive heard people are liking the Olympus Labs Ostarine and Ive heard the Cardarine is pretty solid for lowering cholesterol and trimming fat. All feedback from BBers I know IRL whose opinions I value.
  12. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    Centurion Labz ostarine and SARMs in general are of excellent quality. Dosage and amount of caps you get with their ostarine is pretty great.
  13. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll check them out!
  14. dimx

    dimx New Member

    Ostarine is very liver toxic from what i've been reading.I would avoid it.
    After all research i've been doing for the last 1.5-2years it seems that steroids is the way to go (as long as you don't abuse them and take all precautions).
  15. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    Dimx, that does seem to be the consensus feedback on tried and true anabolic steroids versus most newer chemical compounds, especially those that have been available over the counter.

    The liver toxicity is concerning, especially as many are dosing it at 30mg.
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