Phosphatidic Acid

Discussion in 'Supplements' started by Saucey, May 15, 2015.

  1. Saucey

    Saucey New Member

    Who here has used it? Is it as good as ArA or is Arachidonic Acid still the go-to "next level" natural supplement to assist me in my next bulking cycle?
  2. While I only noticed a gain of a few lbs (so not on par w ArA), it was affordable and effective. No reason not to use it, or even stack w ArA.
  3. QuadsOfSteel

    QuadsOfSteel New Member

    I like PA from Fearn Soy Lecithin granules. It is very cheap and has many other benefits on lipid values and stress. Not to mention it also acts as an emulsifier for ArA, so no more need for GMS
  4. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    I've used it for like a year straight, Mediator stuff. It's solid, worth a go. Try the lecithin granules if you don't want to drop $$$ on the Mediator stuff.
  5. SwolenONE

    SwolenONE Active Member Staff Member

    ^^^ I'd heard of people using it for months at a time, didnt realize you could use it for a year straight!
  6. kissdadookie

    kissdadookie Member

    I mean, PA is something your body naturally produces a good amount of when you exercise and induce micro-trauma to the muscles, so I more or less treat it like a creatine or beta alanine.
  7. Mixelflick

    Mixelflick New Member

    Stuff is gold IMO.

    Fearn Lecithin Granuals FTW, as they contain 1,200mg per serving plus lots of other goodies. The clinically effective dose of PA is 750mg/day, so you're getting quite a bit more than that with this product...

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