Principles of the iron sport of Bodybuilding

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    The sport of bodybuilding is most probably the most demanding of all.
    The discipline diet, the consistent training, which sometimes is exhausting, the sacrifices in terms of finance and personal relationships, make it a hard sport.
    A body requires decades of dedicated work in order to achieve perfection.
    The quality of muscles is developed as years pass along.
    Bodybuilding needs tremendous mental stamina, especially during the tough period of the preconcert preparation.
    Patience and positive thinking are a must in moments of plateau; and mostly dedication, devotion, passion. The iron sport of bodybuilding is a subjective sport, where no results are judged, but the aesthetic result instead. Muscularity-size, definition-separation, symmetry-balance and posing are the factors that are evaluated. Bodybuilding has millions of fans worldwide, but quite many accusers as well.
    It is a highly controversial sport, but very impressive indeed; a sport of demonstration in other words.
    The herculean physiques of the champions always have been the motive for the training youth and icons for the accomplishment of their dreams.
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    What I really like in bodybuilding that you must train not only your body but your mind too . You must read a lot to learn how to proper eat train and to use AAS without major health problems
    To be honest the science part of the bodybuilding more interesting for me than the actual training .
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    Indeed,there is a chalenge on that.
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