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Discussion in 'Diet / Nutrition' started by FLEX, May 17, 2015.

  1. FLEX

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    Since many anabolics increase protein synthesis, does that mean I should increase my protein intake or that my current intake will be optimized?
  2. blacksabbath

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    I don’t think that you must take a significant larger amount of protein , since the AAS will improve the yield of muscle synthesizes basically much more protein will turn to muscle if you on cycle. I am not an expert but it seems to be logical.
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    In my broscience mindset here, I find that there may be some benefit to upping your protein intake as well as doing the old school many meals per day thing. Reasoning being that I think whilst on cycle, your more responsive to the mTOR activation as well as having a larger capacity to take in nutrients (so the many meals a day will do several things there 1) provide you with more food-based stimulation to mTOR throughout the day (obviously it goes without saying that each meal you have will contain 25-30 grams minimum of quality protein) 2) allow you to take in more food and thus calories overall which will help you grow 3) increasing the amount of meals throughout the day inevitably will also increase protein intake along with it since we are assuming that each meal will have a good amount of quality protein).
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    GEORGE TOULIATOS Active Member

    AAS increase nitrogen balance.Food consumption is also a matter of insulin response.The harder you train with AAS,the more protein you need for recovery and growth.
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