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Discussion in 'SARMs' started by Heady Muscle, Feb 7, 2016.

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    I would love for this site to start putting out articles on SARMS. Especially ones like RAD 140 and MK 677. I know information is scarce on these products, but I am sure you all can spread more light on the subject.
  2. Heady Muscle

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    Thank you for your feedback! SARMS will be updated on the main site asap and also included in the 11th edition of ANABOLICS.
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  4. Heady Muscle

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    I am really interested in RAD 140, MK 677 and YK 11.
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    Excellent, we will be sure to include those in the 11th edition of Anabolics. All feedback is very welcome!
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    Ok, firstly:

    YK-11 and MK-677 are not SARMs.

    RAD-140 is a SARM but so far it appears to actually be weaker in terms of anabolism when compared to LGD. So LGD is still the best out of the 4 current SARMs being found on the market (S4, ostarine, LGD, and RAD-140).

    YK-11 I will tell you first hand @ 6 mg bridged from a trenabol/trenavar cycle @ 120 mg worked well to maintain the trenabol/trenavar gains and strength (I had to go back earlier today to figure out what I bridged into YK-11 from :p ). If running solo some gains would likely have been seen with YK-11 @ 6 mg but that dose most certainly did not pack on anything extra on top of what was gained off the trenabol/trenavar.

    YK-11 btw is actually a designer anabolic. It's a DHT derivative with tissue selectivity (thus it is SARM-like). Personally I would guess that 9-12 mg would be the sweet spot for decent gains off of it.

    MK-677 is not a SARM but it is a GH secretagogue. More accurately it is a ghrelin mimetic. I've ran that for 6 months straight before @ 20 mg. I dosed it at night before bed because I train first thing in the morning. The reason I did this is so that the biggest spike in GH (supposedly) would hit around my post workout time, since supposedly the biggest spike from MK-677 comes at ~12 hours after ingestion. Actual pharma GH comparison, it's not going to be very effective for bodybuilding as I would peg this at 1 IU to 2 IU worth of pharma gh at best. Great to run in your PCT though if you ever run PCT. Reason being that it does increase GH and thus it increases IGF-1 (just not nearly high enough to get the same effects you would typically when pinning gh). Anything which can effectively raise your IGF-1 levels in PCT is desirable since your IGF-1 levels typically plummet coming off of a cycle.
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    Terrific feedback. These drugs will be in the upcoming 11th edition of ANABOLICS.

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